East London based illustrator David Gibbons, also known as Babycrow. To see the more work and for details on getting in touch, head over to the main site. www.babycrow.co.uk

The first Puck Drawing Club went down last night in the upper rooms of the Old Crown on New Oxford Street. We held a light hearted séance, doodling in the dark in order to summon forth the portraits of our departed cousins and performing ouija expressionism where we all found finger purchase on a posca pen and let the spirits move us over large sheets of paper. The fruits of our manipulated labours will be collected together into a zine soon. It was loads of fun and we have plenty more PDC events planned for the future. Check Puck Studio and Puck Collective for announcements on these events. We’re keeping it open to the public so get your pencils sharp for the next one..

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